Why microchip is desirable for personalized medicine?

The first step to personalized medicine

Every person is unique and disease with the same name runs differently in different people. Long time ago it becomes obvious that it is necessary to cure a human, not a disease. How can this be practically realized? How is it possible to make diagnostics versatile, considering the person’s particularities? Now such an approach exists: this is multiparametric molecular diagnostics based on microchip technology.

Microchip is remarkable by its ability to concurrent measurement of dozens, even hundreds of blood parameters. This opens the way to personalized medicine.

Blood immunoglobulins are the mirror of health condition

Humans have two types of immunoglobulins: adaptive antibodies and natural antibodies. Each of many hundred immunoglobulins contains information on the particular human. Adaptive antibodies produce specific signals on the presence of various infections and about chronic somatic diseases, i.e. a slice of health instantaneous status. Natural antibodies provide a physician with information on oncological processes, including early and even forthcoming ones, i.e. they have not only diagnostic but prognostic potential.

Microchip is remarkable by equally reliable revealing of both adaptive and natural specific antibodies.

Diagnosis, prognosis, and prevention

Correct prognosis opens possibilities for preventive medicine and accompanying medicine, when a physician regulates the course of the treatment, making the necessary corrections in therapy.

Microchip is remarkable by that it is actually a microlaboratory of the modern physician following the principles of preventive and accompanying medicine.

Annual dispensary monitoring

Annual dispensary monitoring of blood antibodies lets to observe even not-so-obvious dynamics of the changes that would tell to an experienced diagnostician about state of health considerably more that a single observation.

Microchip is remarkable by extremely wide dynamic range of analysis, assuring the accuracy of revealing even imperceptible dynamics of health changes.