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Semiotik LLC was established in October 2013 for development and production of diagnostic test-system (microchip) intended for concurrent diagnostics of oncologic, infectious and autoimmune diseases.

Microchip allows analyzing samples of blood or plasma for several hundred specific immunoglobulins.

Microchip gives possibility of detecting about 100 pathologies at the same time. This can considerably simplify and decrease the costs of procedure of blood/plasma analysis. At present the potential of diagnostic based on determination of blood antibodies is undervalued; development of multi-antigen chip will lead to a breakthrough.

Due to the presence of tumor-specific glycans the developed microchip will provide a possibility of performing diagnostics, prognostics, monitoring and theranostics of oncology diseases at new level.

Format of analysis and technology of production allows increasing the number of antigens of a chip extending the range of its applications. Low prime cost makes possible the formation of new niches for wide use of this product.