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A group of researchers from LLC Semiotik headed by General Director took part in a seminar in Bulgaria under support of the fund EEA Grants.

22.09.2015 The central area of focus of the presentations of the seminar participants was the development of approaches to the design of drug preparations on the base of intravenous immunoglobulins and oncovaccines on the base of carbohydrates; modern developments in the field of creation of databases connecting glycobiology and immunology were also presented. In their report the specialists from LLC Semiotik proposed and described a new instrumental method based on microchip technology. This method allows creating a methodological base for screening and laboratory diagnostic studies in the field of pharmaceutics. During the seminar several agreements were made with research centers from Bulgaria and Switzerland on performing of joint studies with participation of the specialists from LLC Semiotik. The possibilities of our microchip for the studies in laboratory diagnostic purposes raised interest of the participants of the seminar who work in the field of development of new drug preparations including vaccines and therapeutic antibodies