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Microchip for diagnostics

Release of microchips for diagnostics - 2016.


The diagnostics is based on detection of diagnoses significant natural and adaptive antibodies and their combinations (signatures).

Diagnostics of:

  • breast cancer
  • lung cancers
  • ovarian cancer
  • colorectal cancer
  • autoimmune syndromes
  • TORCH and other infections

Number of other antibodies are revealed, including:

  • Blood group antibodies against АВН, Lewis, FS, RhD antigens
  • xeno-antibodies aGal (Galili) and HD (Hanganutsu-Diecher)
  • PEG and hyaluronate

The microchip parameters

  • 25 х 75 mm size.
  • time needed for typical analysis is ~3 hr.
  • About 400 glycans, 200 bacterial polysaccharides, peptides, proteins are immobilized, all in 6 replicates.
  • specific IgG and IgM are measured separately.
  • Storage time - 1 year at +4oC
  • Mathematical algorithm used for search of diagnostic signatures is presented [10].