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Recommended Devices

Devices recommended for clinical laboratory diagnostics:

  • Imager SensoSpot Fluorescence or analogous;

  • Robotic hybridization station "Semiotik" (release – in 2018);

Devices recommended for scientific research:

1. List of common laboratory devices:

  • thermostat for 37 oC;

  • rotation shaker;

  • pipettes;

  • staining dishes and glasses;

  • tightly closed box for preparation of chamber with high humidity;

  • high-speed centrifuge for vials

  • compressed nitrogen or a centrifuge with rotor for microplates and slide holder.

2. List of recommended hybridization stations:

For standardization of microchips development conditions usage of robotic hybridization station is recommended

3. List of recommended fluorescence readers:

Common requirements for reader

Suitable for 1″ x 3″ (one inch by three inches) slide with 1 mm thickness

Reading area: 22 mm x 73 mm

Able to accurately read Сy3 / Alexa555 and Cy5 / Alexa647 fluorescent molecules

Resolution: ≤ 10 µm

  • Molecular Devieces Axon (GenePix 4000/4100/4200/4300/4400 Series);

  • Perkin Elmer (ScanArray, ProScanArray);

  • TECAN (LS 200/300/400, LS Reloaded, Power Scanner);

  • GE (Typhoon FLA 7000/9500);

  • Ditabis (MArS);

  • Sensovation (Flair, SensoSpot);

  • Innopsys (InnoScan 710/910/1100);

  • Agilent Technology (DNA Microarray Scaner G2565CA)