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Microchip production


Main Stages of the Microchip Production

  • Modification of a surface
  • Preparation of ligands for printing
  • Spotting/immobilization of ligands
  • Blocking the ligand-free space of the microchip

Ligand Preparation

  • All ligands are 95-98% purity
  • Structure and purity of ligands confirmed by NMR, mass-spectrometry and HPLC

Ligand Printing

  • Ligand solutions are deposited by non-contact printing, which provides constant volume for each drop and small variations of spot diameters (about 100 um), which results in higher reproducibility
  • Six replicates for each ligand are tolerated

Microchip storage life and conditions

1 year at 2-8°С and relative humidity <80%