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Quality control

Each Microchip has a unique barcode which allows for control at each stage of production:

  • Printing quality control is performed by a vertical camera and corresponding software, which recognizes and reports instantly any defects in printing

  • Quality of modification, ligand immobilization and the Microchip’s working ability is performed by random chip development with standard immunoglobulin preparation (a real test imitation)

The following parameters are screened for through quality control:

  • Visual quality of printing - the presence of visual defects, such as background noise*, unevenness, strength of total signal intensity

  • Traces of mechanical damage, abnormal spotting (noncircular, indefinite morphology, etc.)

  • Value of signals from control ligands

  • Intra-slide control of reproducibility

  • Inter-slide correlation

*- background noise is microchip’s response without ligand